Welcome to Computers are Fabulous

My name is Senam Amegashie and I’ll be your teacher and your guide to the wonderful world of computers.

Computers are truly amazing they can open the world up in so many amazing ways. But they can also be a little confusing and hard to understand without proper instruction and guidance.                                         
Some of your may have never used a computer before. Or may feel like computer terms are written in a different crazy language! Some of you may even be frustrated by the fact that your three year old child seems to know how to use the computer better than you. Don’t worry by the end of this class you might be able to teach him or her a few things.  In this class we will learn all the basics of computer use. By the end of this class you will all:

  • Learn the parts of the computer.
  • Practice typing.
  • Learn how to use a mouse.
  • Learn to open and close programs.
  • Learn numerous computer terms and technology.
  • Learn the basic functions of word processing (for example: writing a letter.)
  • Learn what the internet is and how to use it.
  • Use Internet search engines and keywords to find information (for example: maps, train schedules, job searches, government information, health information, etc.)
  • Create and learn how to use your own email addresses.
  • How to save and edit files for later use.
  • And much more.

     As your teacher in this class, I look to help and guide you to understand and use computers to improve your life and open your worlds to the fabulous world of computing. One on One Tutoring and group classes for churches, schools, community groups, and recreational centers are available now! Please contact Senam Amegashie at or call her at (773)289-7878 to find out more!  Also Feel Free to visit to find out more!