First off, Congratulations, you need a website!!!! Second, Oh My GAWD, what are you going to wear!!? Better be fierce & fabulous! Work it, DIVA! Sashay, Shaunte!

Thirdly, how are you going to let the world know about you and all the fabulousness that is you… Baby, You need a website, a blog, a logo, a flyer, a business, a minisite, a little hunk out the interwebs that is yours, ALL YOURS!!!  Man you need a lot of stuff don’t you???? Hmmm….

But, you’ve got all kinds of other fiercenesses to attend to! You’ve got a business to handle! Sales to make!!  You can’t be bothered going from designer to designer searching for the perfect balance of fierce & fabulous necessary for all your web and graphic design needs!

That is where I come in!
Who am I? Baby, I’m your best friend! Well, I will be…

I’m Senam, the H.D.I.C at M.D.D! (Head Diva in Charge at My Design Diva)

What do I do? Well, frankly, I do it all and I do it well!

But in this case I’m going to take care of all your web and graphic design needs!

I know, I know, I am just too much! What can I say… I’m a giver!

Ok, so now you will sit at your computer, in the comfort of your most plushily fabulous lair, preferably in your most luxurious pajamas, & leisurely browse through these fantastic designs that I have created for other fabulous business owners. You will ohhh & ahhh! You will fall deeply in love with one (or two, or three) of my design diva masterpieces and will have to have it!!! You will be utterly amazed at the ridiculously low price listed for ALL the fabulousness that you are getting!

Then you will place your order and try to offer me more money for all my hard work! I will politely refuse. I do this for world divaliciousness — not for the money!! ( Well maybe a little bit for the money… Cause if you don’t pay me… There will be consequences and repurcussions all up and THROUGH! Diva don’t play that! )

You ready ? Ok, let’s go! On to the designs…. Enjoy!

Stay fierce, fabulous, & divalicious!

Love always,

Head Diva in Charge at My Design Diva
(2 snaps in a circle!)